Pot Head Potato Salad

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Pot Head Potato Salad
  • -12servingsServings+
  • 30 mPrep Time
  • 45 mCook Time
  • 1:15 hReady In
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Step by step method

  • 1.Boil your potato's until soft and then Cool, peel and cut into 2 inch cubes. Next add them to a large bowl.Boil your eggs until hard, peel and grate eggs into potato'sAdd onions, pickles, olives, mustard, celery salt, salt, pepper, mayonnaise and of course cannabis oil.

  • 2.Mix all ingredients gently until they are blended well , without mashing potato's of course !Then just Refrigerate and serve cold...sometimes I can't wait and eat it warm and it's still so good !



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