Crispy Coco Peanut Butter Cannabis Bars

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Crispy Coco Peanut Butter Cannabis Bars
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  • 40 mPrep Time
  • 40 mCook Time
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Step by step method

  • 1) Get a square baking dish, 9×9 will be fine, and line it with parchment paper so its ready for the mix.

  • 2 )Now you’ll want to set up a double boiler. You can just get a glass or metal bowl and place it on a pot of hot water. The pot of water doesn’t need to be boiling. We just want a little warmth to allow the peanut butter to mix easier.

  • 3) Now add your peanut butter and maple syrup to the bowl. Start mixing until the peanut butter has become more liquefied.

  • 4) You can add your cannabis coconut oil at this time.

  • 5) Now add the raisins and coco powder, I used something called sipping chocolate from trader joes. I believe it is the same as hot chocolate you would buy in packets.

  • 6) Once the coco powder has mixed well with the peanut butter you can add the rice crispy cereal and coconut shreds.

  • 7) Keep mixing until everything has come together.

  • 8) Now place your mixture into the baking dish and spread evenly throughout.

  • 9) Get yourself another double boiler going to melt your chocolate chips.

  • 10) Keep mixing until the chocolate has liquefied. Be careful not to introduce any water into the melted chocolate, or to overcook the melted chocolate.

  • 11) As soon as all your chocolate has melted dump it on top of the rice crispy mixture in the pan and place it into the freezer for at least 2 hours to set.

  • 12) After the chocolate and mixture has set you can remove the paper with the mixture from the tray and cut up the sheet into smaller bars. With all my edibles I like to divide it into 24 even servings so it is easier to monitor the amounts of THC being consumed.

  • When cooking a new batch of edibles, it is always good to start with a small amount as to not over do it.

  • If you have a high tolerance this may not be an issue. If you find out the dosage you had was too small just have more next time until you find your proper amount.

  • I really hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I have, this one will be made time and time again.



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