Cannabis Shortening

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Cannabis Shortening
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  • 1: How To Prepare

  • 2: Now in the five quart sauce pan mix water, oil, Crisco, and bud shake material ( It’s a good idea to have this ground up fairly well )

  • 3: Bring this mixture to boil on high watching closely, when it starts to boil immediately turn down heat to a very low simmer and cover for 18-24 hours.

  • 4: Turn off heat and let it cool for about 3-4 hours, now use the paint sifter to strain the liquid out of the pan and into the pitchers, make sure too squeeze out as much of the liquids as possible.

  • 5: Place the pitchers in the fridge for a couple hours or so and the canna-shortening will separate and solidify on the top of the water, you can use a knife and run it around the inside pitcher so that the canna-shortening is easy to pick up with your hands and put the oil in a container of your choice.

  • 6: You now have cannabis shortening . This will work in any recipe that calls for shortening. You can also freeze for long term storage.



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